A Window Into LA Life

I believe it is a good idea to move to Los Angeles. This is the one place on the planet where people come exclusively to dream and create and there are a lot of reasons to love LA.
People say Los Angeles has no seasons. They’re wrong. We have seasons. We just have perfect effing weather,how about 300 days of sunshine? Every year! The weather is a reason to love LA.
The beaches in Los Angeles are numerous. Many people relocate to Los Angeles to surf at its many beaches and to swim in the water. Now this reason may or may not be at the top of your list, but if you enjoy seeing miles and miles of coastline and you want to have the chance to swim and to surf, then Los Angeles is one of the best places to do this.
Los Angeles has very diverse scenery. If you want to go into desert areas, Los Angeles has that. You can also go up to the mountain areas to ski and snowboard if you want to.
The food in Los Angeles is excellent. There are many different kinds of food in Los Angeles. I think Los Angeles has some of the best Mexican and Japanese food anywhere. But if you want to eat pizza, Los Angeles has that too. If you want to eat hot dogs, hamburgers or steaks, you can find that here too. For a food lover, Los Angeles is truly one of the best places in this category.
SHOPPING!!! Calling all shopoholics, discount divas, and fashion queens – Los Angeles is the Mecca for shopping malls. According to the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC), shopping centers have existed in some form for more than 1,000 years as ancient market squares, bazaars and seaport commercial districts. Today, shopping malls have everything you need, packaged neatly into one destination. From luxury to big box retailers, LA’s shopping malls cater to everyone’s wallets.
Los Angeles has people that live here from so many different countries in the world.This ethnic and cultural diversity is what has allowed us to find out information about so many different people. It has increased our knowledge of people from other countries. What else is there to say about Los Angeles’ awesomeness?
Yup. We make movies here. I’m sure you’ve heard. We’ve got the best places to watch them, too: the Arclight cinemas,Landmark theatres,Regal cinemas,United artists theatres,the New Beverly Cinema and AMC Theatres.
Los Angeles has what is known as urban sprawl. It contains many different cities with each of them being spread out all over the county. This urban sprawl makes it challenging to go long distances with a bus. For car lovers, Los Angeles is one of the places to be. But please be aware that traffic in this metropolitan area is really high. There is often times rush hour traffic. But as I said, if you enjoy driving in your car, this is the place to be.We do drive everywhere, which is why we have some of the nicest, flattest and cleanest freeways in the country.

Aerial view of the interchange between the Harbor Freeway 110 and the Glenn Anderson Freeway 105, Los Angeles, California

Aerial view of the interchange between the Harbor Freeway 110 and the Glenn Anderson Freeway 105, Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles is home to some of the best and most well known educational institutions in the United States. Approximately 20 universities, many of them world renowned such as the University of California, Los Angeles and the University of Southern California, and over 80 colleges and trade schools are located in the greater Los Angeles area.
Deciding what to do in your free time is never a problem in Los Angeles. L.A. County is home to many famous attractions including amusement parks (Disneyland, Universal Studios, Knotts Berry Farm), and museums and galleries (Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Getty Museum, Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County). There are also many great places to “hang-out” (beaches, parks) and plenty to do (hiking, skiing, water sports, shopping), and the list goes on from here.
I can’t get enough of Chris Burden’s Urban Light exhibit at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art [LACMA]. The installation features 202 cast-iron vintage 1920s streetlights collected mostly from all over L.A., and it feels like a forest of light that is leading you to a temple. I love how it reflects the life of the city, while at the same time capturing the idea of the museum as a temple of art, culture, and enlightenment. And LACMA gets bonus points for having the streetlights be powered by solar energy.
L.A. Live created a whole new place where there wasn’t much before. It’s not a shopping mall, but there are restaurants, clubs, and theaters. The Nokia Theatre is the big one—I just went there to see Roger Waters from Pink Floyd. I went to the Grammy Museum when it opened. The Ritz-Carlton is there too, and my restaurant WP24 is on the twenty-fourth floor. The view is beautiful: It’s not all the way on top, where you have to look down, or on the bottom, where you have to look up; it’s right in the middle, so you can see everything.
I hope you have enjoyed my little window into living Los Angeles. These are the reasons to visit the wonderful City of Angels…
LA live

LA live

Hermosa Beach

Hermosa Beach




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